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Discover the serene sanctuary of SVA Yoga Centre, where tranquility and self-discovery intertwine in the heart of Corringham, Essex. With a heartfelt dedication to providing inclusive yoga classes for individuals of all ages, including children and teens, our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone. Guiding you on this transformative journey is our experienced and friendly instructor, Yasmin, who brings over 10 years of expertise to the mat.

No matter your skill level, from beginner to seasoned practitioner, our classes cater to your unique needs. Specialised sessions for children and teens are designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, and mindfulness from an early age, laying the foundation for a lifelong practice.

At SVA Yoga Centre, we recognise the daily pressures and strive to create moments of solace. Our classes go beyond physical exercise, integrating mindfulness and relaxation techniques to alleviate stress and foster inner peace. With a commitment to personalised attention, our small student-to-teacher ratio allows Yasmin to offer tailored guidance and adjustments, empowering you to enhance your yoga practice and achieve your goals.

Embracing a holistic approach to well-being, our yoga centre cultivates a supportive community and provides a space for self-reflection and personal growth. Nestled in a beautifully designed studio, our serene environment allows you to disconnect from the outside world and fully immerse yourself in the transformative power of yoga.

Join us at SVA Yoga Centre and embark on an enriching journey of wellness, where professionalism and warm camaraderie merge to create a nurturing space for your yoga practice.

Client Reviews

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My little girl attended children’s yoga with Yasmin for a long time and she had the most wonderful experience. Yasmin is a beautiful soul with a fantastic energy and she helped my daughter so much with her self confidence and esteem. We can’t thank her enough for the passion, time and effort she put into her classes and for the kindness she has shown our family ❤️
This is such a welcoming friendly class and Yasmin is a wonderful instructor who instantly puts you at your ease. I have been coming for several years now and my body thanks me for it!
Tranquil space and wonderfully experienced calm teacher. Great place to get into your body
Very grateful to Yasmin for supporting my son in his healing process using an integrative mind-body practice approach.. Her calm and gentle approach with breathing exercises and relaxation technique was what we needed the most and helped us restored the peace. Thank you.
I have found my yoga experienceWith Yasmin a very therapeutic and healingProcess .Very friendly and warm atmosphere within the classYasmin is always professional and approachable.Joanne wren
Yasmine yoga classes are so what I need peacefull,relaxing,and calming,just by hearing jasmine's calm and soft voice in a class sends me into a relaxing sense ofWellbeing
Yasmin is a fantastic yoga teacher. I always feel relaxed, calm and happy in her classes.
Yasmin provides a calm space and yoga classes suitable for all ages. She offers a gentle and more challenging option for each asana. Combine this with the sound of Yasmins euphonious voice, it is a Wednesday morning treat that I look forward to each week. Would recommend both the 1-2-1 and group sessions. Thank you Yasmin. Om. X
I’ve been enjoying yoga with Yasmin for fourteen years. I’ve maintained great core strength and posture. Classes are both energising and relaxing creating a feeling of well being and positive attitude
I have been attending classes for a number of years now. It’s a friendly atmosphere and I really enjoy the yoga and relaxation. Yasmin is a great teacher and adapted the session for me when I was pregnant
I have been attending Yasmin’s classes for a few years now and have to say she is a great teacher who really cares about her pupils. Always feel very chilled when I leave!
I have been lucky enough to have found Yasmin and her yoga classes, it has everything and more than I needed to unwind and relax. I did not understand how great this would be for mind, body and soul. I have been going for 5yrs now and notice the difference when I miss a week.Treat yourself to some self-care and down time. 🙏
I always have a great time at Yasmins SVA yoga centre,I always feel it is so welcoming and accommodating and Yasmin has the most wonderful voice for our meditation 🧘‍♂️ added bonus
First time going to a yoga session. Immediately felt at ease and welcomed Jasmine helps, guides and reassures you the whole session. I couldn’t wait to go again. It’s has helped me with a few issues I have and I have a better knowledge thanks to her of dealing with my anxiety. The biggest part was also the laughter and the sharing. Everyone should experience yoga once in their life
Lovely little yoga studio. Yasmin is gentle, supportive and kind. Very welcoming group.
I couldn’t recommend SVA yoga centre enough! Yasmine is a fantastic yoga teacher! She is an expert in her field and is always supportive kind and welcoming to all of her students. Her classes are the perfect place to relax. The centre is a welcoming friendly environment. Come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!
I’ve loved starting yoga with Yasmin, I’ve developed a new love for it and feel I really benefit. Yasmin really makes everyone feel welcome and she creates a really friendly environment where you feel instantly comfortable
I’ve been going to Yasmins weekly classes for a while now and each week is something different! Yasmins yoga style is both challenging and relaxing, I always feel amazing once we’ve finished. I could also listen to her voice for hours during the meditation at the end 💗
Welcoming, friendly and Yasmin the instructor is very helpful in making you understand the movements and what they help you with, she also helps you with any alternatives if you can't do anything due to injuries or just being a beginner!Highly recommend 100%
Have learnt so much alongside feeling relaxed and calm after an evening class
SVA Yoga Centre is a beautiful, warm, special place. The classes with Yasmin are divine, tailored to your ability and needs. Take an hour and treat yourself, you'll be glad you did!
The place is very clean and put together. The classes are amazing and so is the teacher. I would recommend going!
Calming, relaxing,
Lovely calm place
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